Design Miami 2010 - The Teaser!

Tuesday 07 December, 2010

The fabulous Design Miami 2010 and Art Basel 2010 are the perfect conclusion to's design calendar year.  Centered around the famous Miami Beach, Design Miami celebrates the limited edition pieces from the world of design .... so be prepared for some spectacular design!  Design Miami runs parallel with Art Basel, and Emma Elizabeth plans to share a little of the design at that event as well.  Wait until you see whom she discusses design with ....



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05 January 2013

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Even though black bears are indigenous to all Texas, in the early 1900’s, weighty hunting and trapping entirely eliminated them in the condition. Currently, the only established propagation populations come in the top Bend area of West Tx.

“Black bears commonly are not a danger to humans,” Evans says. “But they can be a nuisance if they achieve a tastes for human food, dog food, or trash. We’ve recently acquired several reports of holds tipping over and detrimental deer feeders and a few raiding garbage cans along the border.”

Evans affirms the department’s goal is good for individuals and bears to coexist peacefully.

“By eliminating foods rewards, we eliminate the majority of the issues,” he says. “Many communities in bear country have successfully adapted to live using bears, but it takes everybody working together and doing their part.”

The most efficient strategy is for residents over the edge to secure their garbage, birdfeeders, and pet food, therefore bears don’t become habituated in order to easy meals, Evans notes.

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If you see any bear, please report it to Jonah Evans at (432) 837-2051 x228.

Bear action reported to date this year includes:

•Maverick County — Jan. 25 — Sighting

•Starr County — July 30 — Transferred

•Kimble County — Aug. 6 — Sighting

•Menard Local — Aug. 8 — Sighting

•Schleicher County — Aug. 8 — Sighting

•Sutton County Aug. A dozen — Sighting

•Webb County — Aug. 27 — Wiped out on road by automobile

•Uvalde County Aug. 31 — Sighting

•Kinney Local Sept. 25 — Sighting

•Maverick County — Oct. 14 — Relocated

•Val Verde Local — Nov. 3 — Sighting

•Edwards County — Late. 5 — Sighting

SOURCE and Url:

Texas Parks and Wild animals Department


Creator-Traylor, Waverley; Publisher-U.S. Fish along with Wildlife Service

Rights-Public Domain


27 June 2013
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