Tokyo Design Week 2010 - Teaser in a Typhoon!

Monday 08 November, 2010 with cannot contain their excitement as they get to explore the design mecca of Tokyo! Together Emma Elizabeth and Costas find a mixture of big name Japanese and European designers (such as Tokujin Yoshioka, Nicolas Gwenael, Jaime Hayon & Marcel Wanders), as well as some extraordinary and unexpected unknown designers! We visit the designers' studios, the main and satellite exhibitions and the city of Tokyo.  An eclectic mix of vlogs are coming your way very very soon ....



08 November 2010

HELLO !! I'd seen you at TDW . your fashion imperssed me very well , i like it !!
nice to meet u ~

Emma Elizabeth

16 November 2010

Thanks Kino, I bought this traditional vintage Japanese piece from "Morita" Mingei and Textiles @ 5-12-2 Minami Aoyama, I just love the colours & shapes!


31 October 2011

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21 November 2012

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05 January 2013

DHAKA, Bangladesh (AP) — Bangladesh canada goose jackets held a day of mourning Tuesday for that 112 individuals killed in a weekend fire with a garment factory, and labor organizations planned more protests for you to demand better worker security in the Canada Goose Outlet Jacket owns unlimited wonder. sector notorious for operating in firetraps.

The national flag flew with half-staff in government buildings. The country's industrial facilities were closed like a mark of respect, and wishes to the dead were held in places of worship through the Muslim-majority South Asian nation.

Relatives along with colleagues gathered nearby the web site of Saturday's blaze, many wearing black badges as a manifestation of mourning.

"I've lost my son as well as the merely member to earn for your loved ones," explained Nilufar Khatoon, the mother of a worker that died. "What shall I actually do today?"

Some labor organizations planned rallies later on Tuesday. About 15,500 workers protested Monday blocks out of the destroyed factory, blocking traffic on the significant highway in a suburb of Dhaka, the administrative centre.

In an argument issued Tuesday the european countries deplored loosing lives in the fire and also urged the Bangladesh government to boost working conditions in garment factories.

"The European Union is definitely very clear about canada goose the need to enhance working standards and safety within this market," said the statement. Eu companies are an important export destination of Bangladesh linens.

The fire was the most harmful of several going to garment factories in Bangladesh in recent times. A has grown from nothing to end up being the country's dominant exporter in little more than 3 decades, but factories often ignore safety inside the hurry to supply major retailers in the Oughout.S. and Europe. A lot more than Three hundred people have died in the last six years in Bangladesh garment-factory fires.

Wal-Mart explained Monday the manufacturing facility, owned by Tazreen Fashions Ltd., had been generating clothes for the U.Azines. retail giant without it's knowledge. Tazreen was given any "high risk" safety rating following a May well 2011 audit conducted by simply an "ethical sourcing" assessor for Wal-Mart, in accordance with a document posted on websites involving Tazreen's parent company, the Tuba Group.

Wal-Mart said the factory was no longer authorized to produce merchandise with regard to Wal-Mart but that a provider subcontracted work to it "in immediate violation of our own procedures." The retailer said it ceased doing business with the supplier Monday.

"The reality that this kind of occurred is extremely troubling to be able to us, and we'll still work across the apparel market to boost fireplace safety education and training in Bangladesh," Wal-Mart said in a statement.

Survivors with the end of the week fire said an get out of door was locked, fireplace extinguishers failed and apparently were there just to win over inspectors, and that once the fireplace alarm went off, bosses informed workers revisit their particular sewing machines. Victims had been trapped or jumped for their massive from the eight-story building, which had simply no emergency exits.

Maj. Mohammad Mahbub, fire department operations director, said investigators suspect a quick enterprise caused the fire. But he added that if the building had had even one emergency exit, "the deaths would have been lower."

The Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association, which includes supplied $1,250 to each with the families of the dead, urged detectives not to reject sabotage.

"Local and global conspirators making the effort to ruin our garment industry," organization President Shafiul Islam Mohiuddin said. He furnished no details.

Investigator Mainuddin Sarkar said government entities can be "looking into all possibilities, which includes sabotage."

Police said Tuesday canada goose outlet these folks were asking a woman accused of trying to established fire to another factory in the region about Sunday. Local police primary Habibur Rahman said police also imprisoned a man that the woman says paid your ex setting the fireplace, and that police were looking into if the 2 are linked at all to the Tazreen fire.

Bangladesh has some Four,000 garment factories. The continent gets about $20 billion per year coming from exports of garments, mainly to the Ough.S. and Europe.


Associated Click writer Al Emrun Garjan brought about this kind of report.


10 January 2013

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07 April 2013

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30 September 2013


Manchester United face Crystal Palace in the game, Shinji Kagawa is not even in the final 18 -man squad . Manchester United 's starting frontcourt of Valencia , Wayne Rooney, Ashley - Young and Robin van Persie . While sitting on the bench is Hernandez , Jah and Gunuzhayi et al . Shinji Kagawa 's name once again disappeared. Manchester United official explanation given is that Shinji Kagawa as the flu so I can not play.
Japan is now in the United King had a bad day more and more , count the scene of the Crystal Palace game, Shinji Kagawa has two consecutive games did not enter the competition squad of Manchester United . So far , Manchester United have been carried out for a whole new season in five games , opponents are faced Wigan Community Shield Cup , League turn to face Swansea , Chelsea [ ??microblogging ] [ microblogging ] , Liverpool [ microblogging ] and Crystal Palace. And quite embarrassing, Shinji Kagawa just with Wigan game off the bench for a short 7 minutes , other times not on the bench in the big list is outside . Even if there is no flu, and the previous four games , Kagawa did not get any chance to prove himself , which undoubtedly deeply hurt Japan's King 's self-esteem.
Kagawa for his football dreams to pay too much. Culture Shinji Kagawa , Japan Miyagi Barcelona [ microblogging ] always regarded as the most successful Kagawa training young players to Kagawa proud . And then to be able to break their places in Miyagi Barcelona , Kagawa grandmother came specially from Kobe to take care of him. As schools , dormitories and training field between distant , Kagawa 35 kilometers every day to ride a bike to participate in the training . Arduous personal struggle plus the support of their loved ones had been before allowing Kagawa forward momentum . Cerezo Osaka to join in the year when , Kagawa said: "My goal is to become a member of the Japanese national team , and finally grow into a world class player and I want to thank my parents and grandmother care , I want to prove themselves in Miyagi those days will not struggle in vain . " Today , Kagawa at Manchester United faced the dilemma clearly not pay so much hard he wants results.
Prior to attending the Japanese national team Kirin Cup with Ghana after scoring a goal Shinji Kagawa in the club openly expressed dissatisfaction can not play in the match , he said: "Please go ask Moyes Why I can not appear in court . can not play football so I am very depressed , sometimes this frustration against more serious than others I hope to return to the club after things can be improved . " always restrained Kagawa publicly make such a statement , apparently on their own at Manchester United dissatisfaction with the performance of the situation .
Sent a message through the media and this way does not seem to bring positive effects Kagawa . Moyes told " Sky Sports " interview, made ??a brief response to this . He said: " There are a lot of players do not participate in the competition . Most of them have participated in the FIFA Confederations Cup , and later participated in many of the national team , rejoin later , if you ask me why they do not match, it is only because they do not meet the requirements of the game . "
However, Moyes 's argument is clearly untenable , Kagawa on behalf of the Japanese national team for their outstanding performance , but also scored a goal , showing a good competitive state . And also participated in the Confederations Cup Hernandez now also become regulars Moyes staff scheduling . In contrast, Shinji Kagawa was unable to enter the list of David Moyes some really justified.
Crystal Palace face competition , Manchester United on the strength of absolute dominance, is playing at home . In Kagawa clearly expressed wishes of the race after this one was King David Moyes to the Japanese best chance to prove himself . However, Moyes still no sign of him into the game list. It is worth mentioning that the Manchester United starting lineup is selected so often criticized " waste material " Anderson starting , during squad rotation , the 18 -year-old teenager Jianuzhayi also won playing opportunities , only Kagawa , see the figure. Even in this game he really cold , after four games played only seven minutes , but the field data than the nearly 30 -minute kick Jianuzhayi . Moyes would rather give 18 -year-old Manchester United Youth "semi" opportunities, but also do not want to enable Kagawa , Japan, which will undoubtedly make King feel scared .

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